"Janet is simply amazing at what she does. She creates an incredibly fun experience. She pays attention to the details that will make the photos stand out and helped bring the best out of me! When I received my photos, I was stunned! She is the only photographer I've worked with that was able to capture so much of "me" in every shot; her work is truly incredible. My favorite aspect of Janet's work is her effortless ability to capture the beauty of the eyes. She brings out your personality with the photo, as well as a clear message with each shot." - Rayssa Gomes, singer

"This is the first time I've shot with anyone in a few years, I was really impressed with how easy the shoot went - and even more so with the results that came back. I wasn't expecting many usable photos because of a previously stressful week and I didn't feel like I was giving my all on shooting day, however I was very excited with the looks Janet captured - amazing!" - Kristian Penza, musician 

"An amazing photographer ! Janet has such an instinctive eye. I felt completely open in front of the camera with her

from start to finish. I was blown away when I got the shots back. I highly recommend Janet Roth for headshots

and portraits" - Anna McNiven, actress / model

"Janet really made the entire shoot one of the easiest, creative, relaxing, and fun shoots I've ever done.  Shooting with Janet was an absolute pleasure. She is very professional and really knew how to direct me through the shoot. I love the headshots she took and more importantly my agents love them, saying the best thing about them is that they capture the real me. I have rarely gotten so many compliments on my photos in such an overt way. I'd recommend Janet to anyone who's looking to for a photographer who'd get the pictures done right the first time around" - Mike Zent, actor

"Janet is an amazing photographer! I shot with her a couple of weeks ago and am super happy with the result. Not only was it a fun, relaxed shoot, but she really has an eye for capturing portraits that capture more than a simple headshot, she was able to encapsulate essence and character! I was really impressed with her unique creative eye and her ability to make you feel comfortable" - Gema Interiano, producer

"Shooting with Janet was a great experience.  She has a gift for making her subject completely at ease.  The whole afternoon felt more like a relaxed afternoon hanging with a friend instead of a photo shoot" - Michael Grant Young, musician

"Shooting with Janet was both effortless as it was fun. I hate having pictures taken of me, but I had an absolute blast with Janet as she made me feel at ease within minutes of the start of our shoot. The pictures look great and I couldn't be happier!" - Stanislav Rochass, actor